Yes, You Can Endure….

Another favorite by Rachel Snyder:

Go through the darkness and come out the other side.
When you think I can’t stand another minute of this, know that you can.  When you think I won’t make it through another day, know that you will.  When you  can’t  take   another  moment of     The  pain and the fear and the feelings of hopelessness, take another moment anyway.  Endure the heartache and come out heartstrong.   Endure the tremors and the grief and the isolation and come out sturdy and robust and ready for another round.   Like a diamond in the making, endure the heat and the pressure for what seems like eternity, and emerge with a new brillance and clarity. When you think you’ve come to your end, dig deep and endure.

From Rachel Snyders book, Words of Wisdom for Women