New Kiva Loan!!! UPDATE!

Kiva_entA great Orgainzation to help!     UPDATE!!

Kiva is a great organization and you can find out more by going to their website at

Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend to unique entrepreneurs around the globe. The people you see on Kiva’s site are real people. When you browse entrepreneurs’ profiles on Kiva, choose someone to lend to, and then make a loan, you are helping a real person make great strides towards economic independence and improve life for themselves, their family, and their community. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you can receive email journal updates and track repayments. It is rewarding to get that email….saying your loan has been repaid and fun in slecting another person or group to help.

I will keep you updated on the progress of my loans as they are being repaid.  I have a loan that was repaid and we made a loan to a young Mother of two living in the Phillipines TODAY January 18, 2012.

This is a great way to help people get started in their own business

Have a great day, Sheri



Okay…so things move fast, we get overwhelmed, we are pulled in many directions.

What can we do? We can be Accountable!

Here are two favorite quotes:

Accountability breeds response-ability.” Stephen R. Covey

If we are accountable for what we are doing….if we stay true to our word our natural reaction will be a response-able one. Only we can control our thoughts and our reactions to what life puts in front of us.

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” Moliere

It’s time to step it up a notch! Become accountable, hold yourself responsible for getting the things done you need to do, want to do and have made a commitment to do!

To Your Success!

Create Your Own Fireworks!

We all have that special something that makes us unique.   We all have very special talents that we can share.   Sometimes we may get lost and lose sight of the gifts that we have.   Any many times you may ask yourself how do I know what gifts I have, what am I good at, how and what  do I share with others.   Sometimes we just need a quite place to be still and and ask ourselves these questions. Many times we will find the answers on our own and can then move forward.   Other times we can ask family and friends to help us by jotting down what they see as our strenghts or gifts and then share them with us.   A friend sent me this video by Katy Perry called Fireworks. I just love it and encourage all of you to watch and then share it with others. It is possible to start again, to find the spark in your soul and to ignite the light!
Just Click on the “Fireworks” above and Enjoy!

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Two years ago we honored the 83rd. birthday of our dear friend Dr. Werner Langer. We gave him the gift of a goat! Yes, I said goat! The goat does not go directly to him but to a family in need in another country. It was really quite simple to do this. We had found a great website Heifer International. From there we clicked on “GIVE” and selected our living gift that would be given in Dr. Werner’s name. We chose a goat, but you can also select flocks of chicks, geese, ducks, lambs, goats, bees, cows etc. Last April we  celebrated Dr. Langers 85th birthday with a party at my home.  We are looking forward to his 90th Birthday.

If you are looking for a gift to give some who has everything…then this is the site to go to. The gift keeps on giving making a huge impact on providing food and income to a family.

An example: In Tanzania, Omari and Kulwa were struggling to raise a family on just 50 cents a day. With the training and a flock of chicks they received from Heifer, egg sales have boosted their daily income to $2 and now they can buy food and still pay school fees. Now, through passing on the gift, (they share some of the offspring of the chickens) all of the children in their village are going to school.

Please take a few minutes to check out this organization’s web site….it is truly amazing all that they are doing around the world!

Sheri Sharman

Monday July 19th- W.E. Women’s Empowerment Call

The Bridge of Hope

Monday July 19 is our next W.E. Call at 7:30 PM PT.
We will have specail guest Sheri Briggs founder of The Bridge of Hope in San Digeo. Sheri will share with us what inspired her to establish the The Bridge of Hope and how this organization is helping so many people in need. Click Here to read about some of the great things they are doing.

Monday July 19 W.E. Conference Call
Call Number: 712-432-3900
pin code: 679797#
Time: 7:30 PM PT
At our Eat, Pray, Love Women’s Empowerment event on August 14 we will in the name of Kristin’s Kidz be accepting donations of clean gently used mens, womens and childrens clothing as well as household items and non-perishable food that we will contribute to The Bridge of Hope! In this picture you will see Sheri (on the right) and some of her volunteers with some recent donations from Kristin’s Kidz.