I love sharing the inspiration I get from Rachel Snyder’s book, Words of Wisdom for Women.

Here is the word for today:

RELEASE – Let go of anybody or anything that holds you back or holds you down.  Release the tension you’ve been caring in your neck and shoulders for you-don’t-know-how-long.   Find a body-worker to help you.   Release the anger you’ve stored up inside you since you were eleven years old.   Find a therapist to guide you.   Release the inner critic who says you have to do everything to perfection.   Admit you can’t do it alone and seek out someone to help.      Let go of old rage, ancient resentments, and old beliefs that you’ll never have enough or do enough or be enough.   Now that you’re grown start pleasing yourself.   Release yourself from the chains of the past so you can ease lightly into the gift that is your present.

Now sit back and enjoy this beautiful slide show backed with India.Arie’s song “Beautiful Day”
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