Create Your Own Fireworks!

We all have that special something that makes us unique.   We all have very special talents that we can share.   Sometimes we may get lost and lose sight of the gifts that we have.   Any many times you may ask yourself how do I know what gifts I have, what am I good at, how and what  do I share with others.   Sometimes we just need a quite place to be still and and ask ourselves these questions. Many times we will find the answers on our own and can then move forward.   Other times we can ask family and friends to help us by jotting down what they see as our strenghts or gifts and then share them with us.   A friend sent me this video by Katy Perry called Fireworks. I just love it and encourage all of you to watch and then share it with others. It is possible to start again, to find the spark in your soul and to ignite the light!
Just Click on the “Fireworks” above and Enjoy!