Stella’s Voice

“I am an orphan!  No one cares about me.  I am hungary, I am cold, I am despised.  I am abandoned, I am abused.  I am Stella’s voice.  A voice ia all that is left of Stella, an handicapped orphan.  Homeless, powerless, silenced and used by evil men.  Dead at nineteen, I am Stella’s Voice.  I am the voice of orphans.  I am their prayer for food, for warmth, for love.  I am their cry for protection from sex traffickers.  Will you be Stella’s Voice too?  Together we can make her voice louder.  Together we can make a difference.  Will you be Stella’s Voice?”

Several years ago a dear friend, Bill Pike introduced me to the Philip Cameron Ministries and Stella’s Voice.  They rescue Moldova’s teenage girls.  These beautiful young girls are put out of the orphanages at age 16, straight into the clutches of Moldova’s rampant sex-trafficking industries.  Providence Orphanage opened Jan, 2011, the first private Christian orphanage in Moldova.  Teenage children of all ages are being fed, cared for and loved in Jesus’ name.  My Mom and I am so thankful that our friend Bill and his  wife Donna told us about the wonderful things Philip Cameron Ministries and Stella’s Voice are doing to help the orphans of Moldova.  Will you help?   Please go to and make a contribution, large or small and help keep a child warm at Christmas time.

It is difficult to think about children who are cold and hungary when many of us have so much.  If you have never know what it is to be hungary there is no way we can explain it.  When you  have been cold and no way to get warm there is no way to explain being cold.  We have so much to be thankful for and that our children have warm clothes and food on the table.  We remember baby Jesus at this time and how cold it was in the stable where he was born.

We remember Mary and Joseph so many years ago in the cold stable awaiting the birth of their son.  The temperature in the stable on the cold clear night must  have made Mary afraid for her baby.  No bed for the baby to sleep in and only a manger for a bed.  Only straw to fill the manger and no extra blankets to keep the baby warm.  A cloth to swaddle the baby in.  Only the animals to give comfort to Mary and Joseph.  What did Mary and Joseph eat and what did they drink to stay warm.  Picture that night so long ago with the stars so bright overhead.  Were they afraid when they were told there was no rooms available at the Inn?  How did they find the stable where Jesus was born?  So many thoughts had to be going thru their heads as they rushed to find a place where Mary could give birth.  When the shepherds saw the bright star and came to watch over him what were they thinking?  Did they know he was our savior?  So many thoughts go thru our mind as we picture the scene so very long ago.  Happy Birthday baby Jesus and Merry Christmas to everyone.