Great Business Tip: Random Actions Get Random Results!

I recently came across this information and felt it was a sound business building tip and wanted to pass it on to you too! I love the part about “random actions get you random results”. Take time as this New Year begins to take solid steps in building a strong business foundation.

Create a Strategy and Process for everything you do in your business. Random actions get random results. Whether you’re doing some marketing, offering a teleclass, or doing a live presentation, networking, or launching a new product you need to map out a strategy that will take you step by step to the result you want. Once you’ve nailed down your process or strategy you can use it again and again to get similar results. Taking a “shot in the dark” approach where you try an approach hoping it will work without thinking it through from beginning to end result is like playing darts while wearing a blindfold. Creating process maps as a visual really helps with this process.  Janis Pettit, Small Business Strategy and Lifestyle Coach

Make sure that you plan out all areas of your life.

Have a great New Year!