Here is Rachel Snyder’s take on the word “Serve”. Hope you enjoy!

Serve a higher purpose. Serve humanity, serve the Earth, serve the greater commom good. Dedicate your life to service in its many forms. Serve in your own way, using the precious gifts that only you can give. Serve the young, the old, the dying. Serve women, serve men, serve to bring us closer together. Serve families formed by birth, choice, or circumstance. Serve the very weak, serve the strong and powerful. Serve through medicine, through law, through laughter and song. Through deeds, through words, by the sweat of your brow and the love of your heart. Serve in whatever way you are called to serve. Serve others with no concern for serving yourself, and know you will always be served.

As part of our Women’s Empowerment event in on August…the Eat. Pray, Love event we will be accepting donations of clean gently used clothing for men. women and children along with household items that will be donated to The Bridge of Hope in San Diego. Click Here for more information on this organization. We are alos arranging for Sheri Briggs founder of this organization to be a guest speaker on our Monday July 19th. Women’s Empowerment call. Check back for details on this call.

W.E. Women’s Empowerment Call Tonight, June 21.

Hi everyone…. just a reminder about our W.E. call tonight Monday, June 21st. at 7:30 PM PT. On our short call(approx. 20 minutes) we will share ways to find some peace and JOY in our sometimes chaotic lives.

Joy can be your light that becomes a beacon for all those in your life you encounter. Joy is infectious and love is very healing to all. Sheri will show you that you do not have to have a prestigious title, be a famed star or a person with great material assets. You only need to have the desire to fully find your own Joy in living your true self and taking this found Joy and inspiring others to do the same.

To find your own Joy may mean stepping outside of your comfort zone by learning something new, surrounding yourself with positive people, experiencing forgiveness, gratitude and or learning how to change your thinking from “smallness.” We must always remember, life is not truly served by playing small.”

Invite your aunts, nieces, sisters, mothers, daughters amd any women that are special in your life.

Time: 7:30 PM PT
Call Number: 712-432-3900
Pin Code: 679797#

Recap On Women’s Empowerment Call

It was a great call. If you were not able to join us…no worries mark your calendar now for our next one on Wednesday June 2nd at 7:30  PM.

On our next call we will have a dear friend of mine CeCe Cordova  join us and share some tips on healthy living. Some of you have have met her at our last Women’s Empowerment event at my home is the owner and founder of Inner Health Care in Riverside, CA.

Here are some simple steps that I know if you put some time and attention into them can make a huge difference in your life.

4 Simple Steps to Loving Life

1. Have a Attitude of Gratitude– Take note of what you do have …not what you don’t. I find it so helpful to take a few minutes at night just before I lay my head on that pillow and jot down in a journal a few things I am grafeful for. I write some things in general and then at least three things that I may have experienced that day that I am grateful for. It is so uplifting at some challenging times to go back through my Gratitude Journal and read what is important to me and what I am truly grateful for. I am excited to say in the very near future we will have a gratitude journal available in our “store”.

2. Do something nice for yourself…be kind to yourself.– I love to take bubble baths every night. I have the great baths salts and or bubbles in the water, music, soft lighting and give myself the time and permission to release and let go any stress that I may have experienced during the day. I open my mind to creative thinking and gratitude.

Tracy my assistant and friend for over 12 years loves to be creative with interior design. If she can not work on some home design project she will watch HGTV to feel inspired and charge up her creative side. My mom loves playing with her great grand son, Merric!  My friend Brenda loves going to the beach…she sends me  photos of the beautiful sunsets and the waves crashing in.

Do something for yourself…it can be a massage, facial or pedicure. I think you will agree we all feel great after a little pampering. The biggest thing is do not feel guilty that you have done something for yourself, or that you have taken time away from your family to do something your soul needs.  We must keep ourselves healthy and happy so that we can be there for our loved ones. Just like the instructions when you are flying in an airplane…put the oxygen mask on yourself before tending to others. How can you care for others when perhaps you yourself is falling apart from lack of nurturing!

3. Plan a vacation– now that what I like to hear! Make a to do life list and then start doing and check off as you experience those adventures. It can be a grand vacation, a mini weekend getaway or an afternoon of something you have really wanted to do. JUST DO IT!

4. Look In the mirror– When you wake up look in the mirror and say, ” I am loving MY LIFE! “

UpcomingW.E. Events:


W.E. (Women’s Empowerment) Conference Call-  7:30  PM PT with Sheri Sharman and special guest CeCe Cordova, owner founder of Inner Health Care, Riverside, CA. Ce Ce will be sharing some very valuable health tips.  Call number: 712-432-3900- pin code: 679797#

6/5- Women’s Empowerment Luncheon- Saturday during the lunch break at Millionaire Workshop- 1:30-3:00 PM. Luncheon will benefit a North County organization, Solutions for Change. You can read more and register here on our home page and under the Women’s Empowerment page.

6/21-W.E. (Women’s Empowerment) Call- Join for an evening of tips on finding the JOYin your life with Sheri Sharman. 7:30  PM PT- Call number: 712-432-3900 – pin code: 679797#


7/5-W.E. (Women’s Empowement Call)- Check back for specific agenda-7:30  PM PT- Call number: 712-432-3900- pin code: 679797#

7/19-W.E. (Women’s Empowement) Call-Check back for specific agenda-7:30  PM PT- Call number: 712-432-3900- pin code: 679797#


8/14 – W.E. (Women’s Empowerment)- Sunset Party-Sheri Sharman’s La Costa Estate- 7:00 -10 pm, check back later for additional information.


Hot Springs Weekend Retreat- Join us for a weekend in of FUN, Pampering and Inspiration. Glenn Ivy Spa. Check back for more Information.

2011-2012- Goddess Retreat- BaliClick Here for a short clip on the Surf Goddess Retreats. Our Women’s Empowerment Retreat will be customs fit to us, including healthy eating, yoga, meditation, empowerment sessions, shopping and yes, there  will be time for surfing if you are so inclined. We are currently working with them right now on planning out our W. E.  Retreat!

We Had A Great W.E. Call!

Thank you all for being on the W.E. call. If you missed this one be sure to mark your calendars for the next on  Wednesday June 2. at 7 PM. On this call we will have special guest CeCe Cordova owner and founder of Inner Health Care from Riverside, CA.

Don’t forget to register for the Women’s Empowerment Luncheon on June 5th at the beautiful Carlsbad Sheraton Resort & Spa! Register NOW…seating is limited. You can register to right of of this page.

4 Simple Steps to Loving Life!

1. Have an Attitude of Gratitude.

2.Do something nice for yourself!

3. Plan a vacation.

4. When you wake up, look in the mirror and say…..

Say what? For the answer and more details on the call and additional information including some special W.E. Retreats  click on the W.E. Blog  Tab above. Check this blog tab often because this is where you will find extended information on Women’s Empowerment.

Have a great day!

Monday May 17 Women’s Empowerment Call

 Women’s Conference Call Monday May 17
 7 PM PT

Please join us on Monday May 17 for a short (Approx. 20 minutes)  Women’s Empowerment Conference Call

Call Number- 402-237-2015, pin code 715370#

Invite any of your special women friends to join you on this call.